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  What Is GKS Hydro?  
  GKS Hydro benchmarking provides a diagnostic assessment of each participant's performance relative to industry peers. Using performance benchmarks as an objective baseline, participating organizations gain an understanding of improvement opportunities that they can use to identify, and subsequently close, performance gaps with peer group leaders.

In it's original form, GKS Hydro was first implemented in 1994. It is innovative in its combination of quantitative benchmarks with management consulting expertise to provide a diagnostic assessment of each participant's hydro generation organization. Program results provide a wide range of benefits. Our process builds industry awareness, establishes a solid basis for comparison, and positions participants to implement performance improvements in their own organizations. You will understand how leading performers have managed to excel and how they do it. .

Please contact us about joining the GKS Hydro program.

  What Will You Learn?  

The ultimate objective of the program is for our process to become the catalyst for change in your organization. The assessment begins by providing a clear understanding of your performance, relative to the range of performance in the industry. Benchmarks provide a performance baseline by quantitatively establishing performance differences between your organization and industry leaders.

But our program doesn't stop there. Based upon our examination of each participant's underlying organizational structure, systems, work practices, and resource management approaches, we help the group understand what is driving performance differences. The goal is to gain real insights about the systems, approaches, and practices used by leaders in each functional area to create and sustain superior performance.

Navigant's analysis of the range of results and associated management approaches used by the participant group provides an inventory of ideas you can use to improve each aspect of your hydro operation. The program is the first step in understanding how you compare to industry leaders and, specifically, what you can do about it.


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